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Welcome to our website. The two of us - Moumina Jeffs and Agni Thalgott - are workshop leaders with many years experience of working with both therapy and meditation. This training embodies the discoveries we have made. For both of us there has been a very direct root to transformation: the body.

Even when the mind gets lost in pain and worry, the body remains spontaneous, impulsive and alive. We don't need to struggle to change ourselves, we just need to discover the impulses of aliveness we already have.

In our experience, transformation doesn't come through effort, but from a playful exploration of how the body loves to move. We need to again give a trusting welcome to the body's instinctual authenticity. This spontaneously steps right past the censorship of the critical mind and frees the forgotten aliveness.

It liberates an endless source of vitality, creativity and new ways of seeing things.

No matter what type of therapy we are doing, it is the body that is the source of truth. And our direct gate to meditation.

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