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Formerly Director of the Centre for Transformation in the Osho International Meditation Resort in India, Moumina has been leading workshops and trainings all over the world for almost 30 years. She specialises in Family Constellation therapy, Pulsation (neo-Reichian emotional release breathwork), and Neo-Reichian body type reading. 


Moumina has a magical way of creating a safe atmosphere in which to express the deep-seated emotions that can lead to real transformation.


Agni specialises in Neo-Reichian emotional release work, the Neo-Reichian body types and Star Sapphire psychic energy work. Over 15 years she has led workshops and trainings in these disciplines as well as in Mystic Rose meditative therapy and tantra.

Her particular combination of sharp insight and heartfulness lends her an extraordinary capacity to bring love into even the darkest corners.

The two have been leading groups together since 1995.


Here is a short video interview with Moumina


Osho News published a three-part interview with Moumina and Agni on their expert topic - Body types. Here are links to all three parts:


Body Types and Body Reading - Part 1


Body Types and Body Reading - Part 2


Body Types and Body Reading - Part 3: Intimacy and how it is affected by our Body Type


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