' ...This course has given me a profound base to continue my growing in all aspects of life... Agni and Moumina's loving way of guiding and sharing their big hearts and wisdom is not possible to explain in words - you really give yourself a gift by experiencing it!'
Rasata, Sweden
'...I would highly recommend this to any therapist looking to discover the benefits of body types and body reading for their practice. Or for anyone looking to deepen their self discovery and healing.'
Nicolas Syriannis, Canada
'...These ten days have given me a total shift in my body - an understanding, compassion and patience towards myself and people I meet. Before my mind knew a lot of things - now my body knows - it has been integrated in a very soft and loving sense….'
Anna Mahima, Sweden
'...This training provides a personal miracle for each participant. During the training one can simultaneously experience a growing awareness of energy patterns in the body and acquire precious tools for therapeutic work...'  
Andrea Agni, Zagreb
'Moumina and Agni have created such a warm, loving and appreciating field in the training. I felt free and confident to see and face my deepest defenses and fears, and to connect with them. I've learned to listen very carefully to my body and its impulses...'  
Tara, Croatia
'...I'm so grateful to Moumina and Agni. They gave me the key to look at myself from a clear door where previously there's been so much confusion... And I've become more friend to myself in difficult situations...'  
Kabir, Oman
'...Thank you for the support to find my lost trust in myself...'  
J. Meera, Rijeka
'The whole training had a BIIIIIIG impact on me... And I have so much trust and confidence in Agni and Moumina - they are SOLID GROUND to me!!!'  
Chameli, Stockholm


'Aided very much by the courage, experience and support of others on the training, I released my own demons and finding surprisingly that it was actually OK! I sobbed, shrieked, laughed, cried and now feel so much lighter, gaining an acceptance of self. Throughout my life I have wondered the difference between intuition and will and here I learnt that my body has all the answers and how that can be accessed.  I am so grateful and feel privileged to have been part of this experience. It has opened a whole new world...
Thank you so much Moumina and Agni for your inspirational teaching... '  

Claire Banks, UK
' ...you have created such a trustful and warm atmosphere where I felt seen, appreciated, secure, loved and supported to receive from you and the group, but also from myself (and that inside alchemy lasts till now). All that helped me in recognizing even more direct that my path to come back to myself is through my body. Being in my body is helping me to learn about myself, to learn the ways to take care of myself and to learn to listen to what is really meaningful to me. '
Ragini, Croatia
' This was a powerful workshop. In the space which Moumina and Agni created my unconscious defences became so clear. Lovingly and tactfully, they gave me simple, practical tools to deal with my responses in daily life. I feel that now I have the ability to handle longstanding issues, with more maturity. '
Carola, London
' I could feel and still I feel what direction I should go in order to live the fullness of my life, here and now,not conditioned by the past.'  
Modita, Zagreb




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